The sidebar in contracts and templates have been updated with some new magic!

Sidebar auto save
You no longer need to manually save changes in the sidebar. Any action you take, such as adding participants, changing settings or extending the signing period will be applied automatically to your template or contract.

Settings for contracts
Previously only templates had a settings tab. We have now made this available for contracts as well, which means that you can now change settings directly in a contract. However, some of these settings, such as defaults or permissions, are only controlled by templates and cannot be changed in a contract.We also took the opportunity to consolidate all settings and features that was previously scattered across other tabs into the new settings tab to make it more consistent. You'll now find the following settings in the new tab:

  • Signing period

  • Video

  • Download PDF (We have also added this to the options menu)

  • Require attachment signatures

  • Enable / disable comments