We are happy to announce a new feature that will help you keeping track of your contract events and reminders. With our new calendar view, you will be able to see your contract events and reminders on a calendar which will make it a lot easier to get the information you need for when a contract is changing its event.

How to find it

You can access the calendar from the contract list by navigating to the tab that’s named “Calendar” that is next to the “All contracts” tab.

The calendar

Once inside, you’ll find a calendar that will be defaulted to the current month. In the top left you’ll find the actions to navigate between months and take you back to today.
* Currently it’s only possible to navigate three months back and only your own contracts.

The events

The information that you’ll find in the calendar are contract events, lifecycle events and reminders. You will be able to identify which contract the event belongs to and on which date it occurs on.
* Many of the events are based on our duration section that you’ll find inside the contract.

We’re excited to release this new feature that will greatly help you keeping track of your contract events and make you work wonders! Like always, we will continue to improve this feature with more magic functionality going forward.